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Prepare Your Business For The New Year

With only a week to go before we close our office for the holidays, at Hubu Accountants we are tying up everything for Christmas; from sending reminders to customers about their corporation tax payment, to submitting company payroll early and completing our final health and safety checks. But what can you do for your business to make sure you’re set up for the New Year?

Looking to the year ahead is important for any Business, as we plan our next strategies, be it Marketing campaigns, business recruitment drives or even preparing for retirement.

If you are considering selling your Business at some point in the near future, now is the time to start planning to ensure your Business is put forward in the best light. The first phonecall you need to make is to your Accountant, as we are in the best position to give you information on the financial health of your Business, and to guide you on the next steps to maintain or improve your Business Forecast. By providing detailed reports about the company’s financial status backed by our thorough bookkeeping service, Hubu Accountants can ensure your Business is set up to achieve maximum growth and prove to potential buyers that your Busines is a safe investment.

In previous blogs we have discussed the importance of bookkeeping in Business, and one of those reasons is for situations such as this - to offer Business Owners help with planning future business strategies including that of selling the business.

If you would like more information on how to prepare your Business for the next financial year, or preparing for the next tax year, please give Hubu Accountants a call on 0800 206 2625 or email us on

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